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New Episode: SC19 Preview
Did you hear that laugh? Our own Rich Brueckner @insideHPC stops by to take us through what all is happening at #SC19. Fun fun episode!
Henry continues his quest to make us all stay offline.
iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/radio-free-hpc-podcast/id557931368
Blog: http://RadioFreeHPC.com

Truth and Trust in the Digital Age. Deepfakes too.
"Pretty ambitious, aren't you?" we hear you say. Yep!
Get ready for a really great exchange with Dave Maher, CTO of @IntertrustTech as we probe this grand challenge of our time.
Stay "tuned"!

The eagerly awaited #SC19 Preview is coming next.
Stay tuned.

And yes by "tuned", we pretty much always mean "optimized". At least -Ofast

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