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#RadioFreeHPC: Who will benefit from Intel dropping Omni-Path? Also: silent data corruption in planes. Microsoft-OpenAI supercomputer plans. And Henry's plan to spoof the spoofers. https://t.co/9cCxWUJABy

Radio Free HPC Podcast: "Quantum Apps Are Hybrid", plus: 5G speeds, quick preview of #HotChips19 @hotchipsorg, and hapless towns battling ransomware. https://t.co/UoVauLPgH9

Is #Cloud too Expensive for #HPC?
Listen to the latest episode of #RadioFreeHPC https://t.co/1ZhCpRLnjy

#HPC Market Eyes $44B in 5 Years. Listen to #RadioFreeHPC as@danolds @henrysnewman @ShahinKhan discuss the bullish forecast. On Apple Podcasts https://t.co/1ZhCpS2YI8 or scroll down on https://t.co/1s21fu3gXX

Join "Enterprise IoT" Meetup group formed by @ShahinKhan: https://t.co/OBoCMDyUQU
First meeting being planned for mid to late September in the Palo Alto-Mt.View area.

"...Libra and Bitcoin are so different, one is for spending, the other for saving, one is Corporate money, the other is Private money, they could end up very complementary, the Yin and Yang of cryptocurrency."

Read more in the latest @OrionX_net report: https://t.co/MMJHNJ1vbX

"... the entrance of major companies into the Libra Association is a significant endorsement of cryptocurrency concepts and will boost the importance of digital money."

Read more in the latest @OrionX_net report here: https://t.co/MMJHNJ1vbX

"Libra, introduced by Facebook and 27 Association partners in mid-June 2019 is, make no mistake, Corporate Money."

Read more in the latest @OrionX_net report here: https://t.co/MMJHNJ1vbX

Just published: "#Libra, Corporate Money to Take Cryptocurrency Mainstream" white paper. Link to the report here: https://t.co/cO1Dcw4fhK
* You can read/download this and other featured reports by @OrionX_net without payment or registration.

#RadioFreeHPC @danolds @henrysnewman @shahinkhan discuss the @HPE @cray_inc deal. On Apple Podcasts https://t.co/7icGaY1g1L or scroll down on https://t.co/fzIx5oA93E

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