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"...Libra and Bitcoin are so different, one is for spending, the other for saving, one is Corporate money, the other is Private money, they could end up very complementary, the Yin and Yang of cryptocurrency."

Read more in the latest @OrionX_net report: https://t.co/MMJHNJ1vbX

"... the entrance of major companies into the Libra Association is a significant endorsement of cryptocurrency concepts and will boost the importance of digital money."

Read more in the latest @OrionX_net report here: https://t.co/MMJHNJ1vbX

"Libra, introduced by Facebook and 27 Association partners in mid-June 2019 is, make no mistake, Corporate Money."

Read more in the latest @OrionX_net report here: https://t.co/MMJHNJ1vbX

Just published: "#Libra, Corporate Money to Take Cryptocurrency Mainstream" white paper. Link to the report here: https://t.co/cO1Dcw4fhK
* You can read/download this and other featured reports by @OrionX_net without payment or registration.

#RadioFreeHPC @danolds @henrysnewman @shahinkhan discuss the @HPE @cray_inc deal. On Apple Podcasts https://t.co/7icGaY1g1L or scroll down on https://t.co/fzIx5oA93E

Dan Olds from @OrionX_net stopped by @NREL on his "Epic #HPC Road Trip" to marvel at our energy efficient data center and take a spin in our 3D visualization simulator. Next stop: @LosAlamosNatLab
Video: https://t.co/oUn95YBPIe

#RadioFreeHPC @danolds @henrysnewman @shahinkhan discuss the new #TOP500 and read the tea leaves. Lots of changes especially further down the list.

You've heard of the TOP500 list of the most powerful computers in the world? This is CryptoSuper500: the list of the most powerful Crypto Mining pools and the coins they mine. See the 2nd edition of this list released today: https://t.co/KEFnLMNRiv

The 2nd edition of the CryptoSuper500 is released. What is new with the most powerful #crypto mining pools? https://t.co/mAUeVhYedI

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