Best Time to Launch an Online Survey?

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When do you think people are most likely to fill out an online survey?  Weekdays or weekends? Early morning or late afternoon?

Knowing when people are most likely to take the time to fill out a survey can help you determine when to launch your survey.

Here’s what SurveyMonkey discovered in terms of best day of the week. Friday ranks highest – probably because people are winding down from a busy work week and finishing up loose ends.

SurveyMonkey also looked at time of day (times below in Pacific Standard Time) and it appears that between 4am-12noon PST (7am-3pm  EST) is the sweet spot during the day.

SurveyMonkey, August 2013

Of course, knowing when to launch a survey is only one factor.  You should also have a clear idea of what information you’re trying to gather so that your questions all relate to a single objective.  If your survey becomes too long (face it, who has the patience for more than a handful of questions?!), break the survey into several parts.

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