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Human Marketing

A Human Scale Challenge Demands A Human Focused Solution

That permeates to all aspects of business today.
Now is the time to be true to your brand promise and adopt Human Marketing.
We’ll show you how.

Authenticity, Empathy, Advocacy

Human Marketing
Human Marketing
Action #1
Nurture Your Relationships
  • Reach out if you have not already
    • Let them know how and if the coronavirus is affecting your company and what actions you are taking
    • Let customers know what you are doing for them, this is a good time to help in real ways
  • Ask them how it’s impacting them
    • Regular outreach (vs. one-off) is important to ensure brand trust and loyalty
  • Put yourself in their shoes
    • Remember Human Marketing is about authenticity, empathy, advocacy
Human Marketing
Action #2
Humanize Your Digital
  • Connect, Listen, Support
    • Now is the time to use stories, anecdotes, humor, etc.
    • Show your company’s personality
    • Share your activities and progress
  • Human-focused Content
    • Thought leadership – inspiring, insightful
    • Persuasive – entertaining, educational
    • Storytelling – engaging
    • Descriptive – to the point
  • Human-Focused Delivery
    • It’s not about the format/channel but your “voice”
    • Have a conversation
    • If you’re having fun, they’re having fun
Human Marketing
Action #3
Cultivate Your Community
  • Your Community is
    • A big tent
    • Your sales funnel
  • Community attributes that matter
    • Strength: passion, connectedness, trust
    • Size of community is important but secondary
  • Define and explicitly cater to member categories
  • Grow community
    • Encourage participation via online forums, meet-ups, events
    • Online courses, forums, user tips, demos, tutorials, etc.
    • Inspirational content
    • Share resources, how-to’s, trends/opinions, etc.


Our Advice

Remember: human-scale challenges demand human-focused solutions.
Look for, and celebrate, and share the many good things that are happening everywhere. Good people doing good, selflessly. They have our admiration and gratitude.

1) We see demand and supply shock in many areas but also new activity in some others. Ability to pivot can be critical.
2) If you can weather the storm, now is the time to strengthen your brand and your community.
3) Human-scale problems demand human-centric solutions. That has to show across all business decisions.

Corona-fatigue is starting and will accelerate, so next week is a good time to start covering other topics.
Focus on insights, learnings, and simplifying the complex, entertain and educate, have fun so your audience can have fun, and go a level deeper and start actually sharing some of your secret sauce, not just tease the audience.

Working from home and managing teams remotely require more explicitness, active listening, and separate 1-1 calls to go over things and make sure there is mutual clarity.

Being cooped up for days can cause people to get impatient. You have to remove stress and make your conversations something people look forward to.

  • Allocate some time for personal updates
  • Communicate with empathy, show your aim is mutual success and with appreciation of realities
  • Listen not just to understand but to satisfy others that you heard them
  • Re-state what you heard and ask if you understood the point, recognizing that the exchange may cause the speaker to come up with a better point. That’s a good thing.
  • Avoid loaded words, be super clear in your own mind what point you are trying to make
  • Take turns talking, let people get enough air time so they can finish their thoughts
  • Be nice!

Please contact us for a copy of the slide deck for any of the webinars.

Human Marketing


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