Science Must Drive Policy Decisions to Re-open the Economy

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All the technologies that we study, track, and help market have significant global impact. That awareness very much informs our writing. Sometimes, we address global and national security issues more directly. See for example National Security and Blockchain Technology. We will be writing more in that vein as the impact of technology on policy becomes more visible. Here is an exceprt and outline of an article published on LinkedIn.

The Virus Doesn’t Care: Why Science Must Drive Policy Decisions to Re-open the Economy

Policy decisions to re-open the economy will be complex. They will also be politically influenced at a time when there is little room for error and decisions must be based on science and accurate data. This is not to say that we must ignore the unpredictabilities of our time. To the contrary, this is about preparedness and the ability to not just anticipate, but to respond to changes. It is about best-possible outcomes, not efficiency to its own sake.

The source of the problem is new cases.

I hope the slow-down in new cases continues to zero. But it is important to be prepared for a plateau vs. a continuous drop to zero, and to expect it to come back if we declare victory too soon without enough measures in place that would keep it down.

There are several ways we can address the problem. They all contribute to whatever policy we adopt. Only real progress counts, not claims and hopes.

How do we address the problem?

1- Situational Awareness

2- Testing that is fast, free, abundant, and on-demand

3- Vaccines

4- Treatment that works well

5- Healthcare capacity and readiness

6- Distancing

Is there an Optimal Solution?

Read the full article here.

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