Has Your Facebook Fan Reach Declined?

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If you’re a Page Admin for a Facebook brand page, have you noticed lower reach and engagement numbers lately? Facebook changed its Edgerank algorithm on September 20, and Edgerank Checker   published a blog and calculated that pages lost approximately 6.5% of their reach after the 20th.

We’ve seen a slight decline in Reach with the pages we maintain too. Looks to me like Facebook is “encouraging” people to try its paid services.

I will be experimenting more with Promoted posts (as low as $5) to get status updates promoted in more News Feeds (seen by Fans and Friends of Fans).  Note, however, that you must have 400 Fans in order to Promote a post.

If you’re using Facebook Ads, did you know that you can target other Facebook brand page fans? For example, if you’re a database software vendor and you’d like to reach the Fans of your competitors’ pages, you can target them in your audience selection.  An effective Facebook ad to reach new fans could be some type of offer, e.g., eBook, webinar, white paper, survey results, etc.

If you have tips to grow your Fan base, please share them here.

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