Packaged Solutions from OrionX

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We are excited to announce 8 new packaged solutions designed to address several common requirements. Here’s a link to the press release we issued today.

One way to see OrionX is as a partner that can help you with content, context, and dissemination. OrionX Strategy can create the right content because it conducts deep analysis and provides a solid perspective in important technology developments like IoT, Cloud, Hyperscale and HPC, Big Data, Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning, Security, Cryptocurrency, In-Memory Computing, etc. OrionX Marketing can put that content in the right context by aligning it with your business objectives and customer requirements. And OrionX PR can build on that with new content and packaging to pursue the right dissemination, whether by doing the PR work itself or by working with your existing PR resources.

In all cases, the interactions among these three areas makes OrionX especially effective.  Strategy is aware of market positioning and communication requirements; Marketing benefits from deep industry knowledge and technical depth; and PR can create engaging content that is not just interesting but also insightful, etc.

Having helped over 50 technology leaders connect products to customers, we have seen several common requirements. It is different in every case, but business objectives are similar and the process can be substantially the same. Over the years, our solutions to these requirements have developed into what we can now unveil as packaged solutions: well-defined, targeted, and easy to adopt.

New Packaged Solutions

The packages being introduced today are:

  • Market Sizing
  • Customer Sentiment
  • Message Testing
  • Value Proposition & Messaging
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Go-To-Market Health Check
  • PR Essentials
  • Video Deep Dive

We are also offering a free consultation with one of our partners. In almost every occasion, we’ve been told that such consultations have saved our clients time and money and given them new insights. It’s been a good way for us to show our commitment to your success, and whether or not it leads to business, it has always led to new relationships and good word of mouth.

Please take a moment to look at the new packages and let us know what you think.

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