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The OrionX Constellation™ research reports and diagrams analyze technology innovations in growth markets and are part of a unique model that integrates content, context, and dissemination.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine / Deep Learning
Big Data / Analytics
Quantum Computing

Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT) Research Area

IoT Platforms
Cybersecurity & Privacy

Data Center
Data Center and Cloud Computing Research Area

Infrastructure &  Cloud Stack
CPUs, Accelerators, Interconnects





The OrionX Constellation™ Methodology

Research Model

Whether tactical or strategic, bold or conservative, or focused on now vs. the future, customers’ evaluation and adoption of technologies is a complex process. A typical RFP makes this evident.

Following the proven OrionX strategy model, the Constellation process collects and organizes data in three categories: market, customer, and product. The data is analyzed to identify salient points which are synthesized into the coherent insights necessary for effective engagement.

Types of Reports

The OrionX Constellation reports cover five Es:

  • Events: industry milestones
  • Evolution: historical view of a technology segment
  • Environment: main vendors in a market segment
  • Evaluation: customer decision criteria
  • Excellence: how vendors in a segment score based on the OrionX technology evaluation methodology


Decision Tool

The OrionX Constellation Decision Tool effectively visualizes the six parameters that capture the core of technology customers’ selection process. Each of the six parameters is scored from zero to ten. The two parameters in each category (Market, Customer, Product) are averaged to produce a single score for that category. The placement of this score on the Constellation graph depends on which parameter is stronger.


Sample Reports

The following reports are available for download. Please click on the image to go directly to the full report. No registration or payment is required. Please contact us for other published or custom reports on AI, Blockchain/Crypto/Smart Contracts, IoT/Security, HPC/Emerging Architectures, Quantum Computing, and Cloud/Data Center.

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