Digital Transformation (DX): Opportunity or Threat?

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Digital Transformation (DX) is coming and it will impact you and your customers. It is not just another IT upgrade, but a profound shift in what your clients and customers want, and a shift in what you offer them. It is a shift in your business model.

In a new report, OrionX goes deeper to look at the dimension of DX and to characterize this trend. OrionX clients automatically receive the full report. Here is an excerpt.

DX Started with Digitization

The Information Revolution is already changing all aspects of society, blending several technology shifts in the process and creating new ones. Digitization is at the root of  it, and as it progresses, its transformative powers will change everything.

Whereas the Industrial Age helped humans to surpass their mechanical strengths, Information Age is helping humans exceed their cognitive strengths. Eventually, all organizations must transform to exploit new opportunities, repel new threats, or simply to operate in a new world.

DX is a Board Room Imperative

DX is a threat unless you turn it into an opportunity. It is the new world order, and a necessary topic for executive level attention, sponsorship, and decision.

DX is Multi-Disciplinary

What makes DX especially challenging is that it must blend several technology shifts at once; not all of them, but the right ones. Technology disruptions caused by IoT, 5G, Cloud, AI, HPC, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Smart Contracts, Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing, Robotics, 3D printing, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and BioTech are all eligible to impact your and your customers.


The emerging Information Age and its global impact is the umbrella trend that drives the OrionX Research, Market Execution, and Customer Engagement work. Digital Transformation is the key market trend and vehicle towards it.

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