Competitive Analysis: Developing a Competitive Culture

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Competitive analysis (competitive intelligence) is critically important for strategy, planning, and sales support. But it should also permeate an organization’s DNA, preserve high ethical standards, and deliver high quality content. Competitive awareness is like security awareness or commitment to quality – it’s the duty of everyone in the organization. This is what we call a “Competitive Culture”.

A competitive culture means everyone in the organization is tuned in to the competitive realities the company and its products and services face. It is not a one-time activity, but an essential ongoing requirement. It must evolve continuously as competitors strengthen and fade, new competitors enter the market, and as you introduce new offerings or pursue new strategies.

Competitive Anaysis ExcellenceJesse Owens, 4 gold medals, 1936 Olympics

The competitive function takes input from and supports various stakeholders, including sales, marketing, executive management, and engineering. As it matures within the organization, it evolves into both a back-office function, with its own processes and roadmap, as well as a collective effort for the organization at large.

Everyone in the company can contribute to intelligence about the competition and can use it to enhance their work performance. And everyone must protect information that, if known by competitors, would decrease the company’s competitiveness.

Competitive Analysis: Starter Package

OrionX has a history of excellence in developing best practices and tools across the competitive intelligence discipline and we offer a range of packages. The starter package provides:

* Target market / solutions / product roadmap review
* Program objectives, elements, timelines, calendar, dashboard
* Competitive SWOT, playbook, head-to-head comparisons, beat sheets, and more

“A very critical requirement for every company and every organization is competitive analysis. It is something that needs to be done with high integrity but also with high quality. And it requires the development of processes and the ability to look at your competition and understand why customers might be buying [from] them, and how they evaluate you based on the competition. We have developed best practices and have effectively worked with clients to arrive at a competitive intelligence function that you can be proud of.”

– Shahin Khan, Partner and Founder, OrionX

Please contact us if you would like to enhance your company’s competitive stance. Additional options beyond the starter package are available that would include ongoing execution, internal sales campaign, public campaigns, and corporate and business programs.

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