“Big Rules of Marketing” Presentation on SlideShare

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As you set your marketing strategies, take a look at the full slide deck that covers 14 of our “Big Rules of Marketing”, available on SlideShare.

Some of our clients have used this in their off-site/planning/leadership meetings.  We’d be available to present it at such meetings and tell the stories that go with each one.

Big Rules of Marketing:

  1. Everyone likes good marketing
  2. Good marketing is when customers’ genuine needs meet the real capabilities of an offering
  3. Customers need to “Get it” and “Buy it”.  The almost always “Get it”!
  4. The only way to make it about you is to make it about them
  5. If you want to change the rules, you’ll have to start with your own rules
  6. Two kinds of “launch” to avoid: Seinfeld launch (about nothing) and Bergman launch (I know this is important, but I don’t get it!)
  7. Four steps for thought leadership: Compelling vision, Existing credibility, Revenue roadmap, Roll out program.
  8. A vision must be inspiring and inevitable
  9. Competitive advantage must be indisputable, easy to understand, hard to copy
  10. Messages should be intuitively linked to benefit and easily supported by features
  11. Rules of naming.  Orion Marketing has a formal naming methodology that has worked very well in real life situations.  We cover three attributes here.
  12. Customer references.  Likewise, Orion Marketing has a workshop on building an effective Customer Reference Program.  Here, we talk about top 3 customer types.
  13. Lead with one message.
  14. Top 3 requirements of good marketing?  Understand the customer, Understand the product, Understand the competition, …

Do these match your observations?

We’d love to get your feedback, and let us know if you’d like the PowerPoint/Keynote slides.

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