Coronavirus and its Impact on Marketing

The Coronavirus has changed our lives in ways that we’ve never experienced. Face-to-face activities are disappearing, and digital marketing isn’t just a nice-to-have. Instead, it has to pick up this slack, replace the in-person connection and become more human. As the industry reacts to these confusing times, marketing must also respond  — thoughtfully. We think this human-scale challenge demands a human-centric solution.

In the webinar, Marketing in the Age of Coronavirus: 4 Actions to Take Now, Dan Olds, Shahin Khan and I discuss how a new, Human Marketing approach is required in these times of flux. This is the time to be true to your brand promise and purpose, to strengthen your community, and to humanize your business. Listen in as we unwrap our recommendations and show you how to implement Human Marketing.

Specifically, we cover the three pillars of Human Marketing and the way to secure the resources necessary to implement it:

  1. Nurture Your Relationship
  2. Humanize Your Digital
  3. Cultivate Your Community

Is your marketing approach different now? Are you providing more visibility into your company culture and personality to connect with others – and is it working? Share your thoughts and ideas below to continue the discussion.

We are working with our clients on their Human Marketing plans and would be happy to discuss yours, formally or informally. Just let us know.

On-Demand Webinar: Marketing in the Age of Coronavirus: 4 Actions to Take Now

Live Webinar Held: Thursday, March 24th, 11am pacific