Market Execution Services

Nimble.  Astute.

A compete Marketing capability with in-depth understanding of technologies, customer use cases and buying behavior, geographies, and first-hand expertise with digital marketing technologies. We provide an entire marketing department on-demand, can complement your existing staff and suppliers, or define and execute specific projects or processes.

Interim CMO

Building and managing your marketing department, and planning for success as a seamless member of executive staff, including representing you at public or private functions, presenting to customers and analysts, or interacting with investors. OrionX can provide an entire marketing department on-demand or work with your existing staff and suppliers.

Branding/Value Proposition

Positioning and branding that bring out unique strengths, resonate with customers, build a solid foundation, and create new product categories.

Digital Marketing

In-depth understanding of technologies, use cases, and buying behavior and renowned ability to integrate ideas and messages into a compelling voice and original content. With that as the foundation, digital channels and data driven methodologies are used to reach key audiences.

Demand Generation

The right marketing mix, marketing automation technologies, and content distribution channels, so you can match customer needs with the unique capabilities of your products and services. The result: accelerate sales, customer loyalty, and reinforcement of the brand.

Events/Product Launch

Planning and execution of events and product launches that build on existing strengths as they create new strengths, and make history as they drive the journey to success.

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