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The OrionX Deep Dive Industry Survey for Data Centers is now available for purchase.
See below for details.

Available for download

Many of OrionX Constellation(tm) research papers are available for download. No registration or payment is required.

Data Center blog

Insights and perspectives about infrastructure, cloud software, system architecture, CPUs, GPUs, interconnects and networking, storage, memory, from OrionX research analysts

Available for purchase

The OrionX Deep Dive Industry Survey for Data Centers

OrionX Research conducts periodic customer surveys to assess the state of the data center market, trends, and vendor preference. Current and past survey results are available for purchase.

The survey results can help you:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the state of the Data Center market
  • Set strategy
  • Guide investments
  • Validate assumptions based on industry pulse and customer sentiment
  • Identify existing strengths of offerings, and areas of opportunity or concern
  • Gain customer perspective to position future offerings
  • Use credible and compelling content to fill gaps between product launches

This OrionX Research offering includes the slide presentation with tens of charts and a phone briefing for your team by OrionX analysts.
Our Research team is open to preparing special reports that drill down into specific aspects of this research, and the OrionX Customer Engagement team can work with you to create and execute campaigns.

Available for download

Data Center/Cloud Computing Blog

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