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New: The OrionX Deep Dive Industry Survey is now available for purchase.
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Available for download

Many of OrionX Constellation(tm) research papers are available for download. No registration or payment is required.

AI blog

Insights and perspectives about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, from OrionX research analysts

Available for purchase

The OrionX Deep Dive Industry Survey

OrionX Research has completed one the most comprehensive surveys to date of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.  With over 300 respondents in North America, representing 13 industries, our model indicates a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of 6%. Covering 144 questions/data points, it provides a comprehensive view of what customers are doing and planning to do with AI/ML/DL.

The survey results can help you:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the state of AI/ML/DL market
  • Set strategy
  • Guide investments
  • Validate assumptions based on industry pulse and customer sentiment
  • Identify existing strengths of offerings, and areas of opportunity or concern
  • Gain customer perspective to position future offerings
  • Use credible and compelling content to fill gaps between product launches
X – AI Research

The following topics are covered:

  1. Survey Goals
  2. Survey Logistics / Statistical Summary
  3. Respondents’ Organization
  4. Respondents Role in Organization
  5. Respondents Understanding and Involvement with AI
  6. Perspective on AI Taxonomy
  7. Current and future AI Budgets – Hardware
  8. Current and future AI Budgets – Software & Applications
  9. Current and future AI Budgets – Services, Consulting, Maintenance
  10. Current and future AI Budgets – Training, Staffing
  11. Why/How AI? Which departments are driving?
  12. Who are the AI Decision Makers
  13. Current AI Project’s Attributes
  14. AI Framework Ranking
  15. AI Visual Models
  16. On-premises or Cloud?
  17. Hardware Ranking
  18. Data Attributes, types, quantities
  19. App Development Model
  20. Top Challenges
  21. App Size and Scale
  22. Cluster Configurations: cluster, interconnect, node
  23. Selection Criteria: Key Requirements
  24. Selection Criteria: Vendor Requirements
  25. Desired Solution Attributes
X – AI Research
X – AI Research
Please click on the image below to see a redacted version of the survey results

OrionX Survey – Redacted

This OrionX Research offering includes the slide presentation with tens of charts and a phone briefing for your team by OrionX analysts.
Our Research team is open to preparing special reports that drill down into specific aspects of this research, and the OrionX Customer Engagement team can work with you to create and execute campaigns.

Available for download

AI blog