Real Talk on Enterprise Marketing Meetup

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Real Talk on Enterprise Marketing: Sharing insights about the challenges and successes in marketing to the enterprise and all aspects of B2B marketing.


• Meet+Greet+Networking:
The objective here is for all of us to participate the way that suits us and get to know each other along the way. Please be ready with a quick introduction if you’d like. If so, please unmute yourself and the moderator will come to you.

• Panelists:
We will have a few opening thoughts about each topic to set the scene, comments by those who have a point of view, and then open it for discussion for all participants. If you’d like to share your point of view on any of these topics, let me know in advance, and maybe we can get a discussion going before we open up for general discussion.

• Moderator:

• Issues:
1) Role of Marketing in the company. Engine for growth?
2) Marketing in the age of Covid. What’s happening?
3) Role of Digital. When is it a waste of time?
4) Metrics and ROI of marketing. Should we even?
5) AI and Marketing? What’s real?

• Next steps:
Issues, speakers, or panelists for future meetups.

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